Medical resident, wife, mother, picture taker, incurably nerdy, slightly type-A, still an idealist, wine-drinker, meat-eater, gardener, camper, pack-rat, reader, writer, learner, aspiring chef, yoga enthusiast, swimmer, sleeper, problem-solver, traveler, rower, dancer, independent, curious, list-maker, bird-watcher, picture-taker, poet.

I prefer tea over coffee, lemons over limes, cotton over synthetics, walking to running, books over magazines, classical music over rap, pine trees to palms, staying in over going out, wine over beer, the ocean over lakes, pasta over sushi, and homemade over store bought.About the name…Pumpkin-Doodle is our nickname for our son. It started as Pumpkin (a favorite of my mother’s) and one day Doodle just flowed after it. When searching for a title for this blog it only seemed right to allude to my son somehow so I just named it after him.


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