NaPoWriMo, Day #5.

This poem is a bit of fluff, but kind of fun (hopefully) and appropriate since it was 80 degrees here yesterday, while my parents got 10 inches of snow. It has occurred to me that I might add a NaPoWriMo category for these posts so they can be easily found in the future. Of course, I could also look at the date and just assume everything in April belongs to that category.


How curious the difference is
between the north and south!
Here in the southern climes we’re freed
from winter’s frozen mouth

in March or April; while the north
is gripped with ice and sleet,
we’re barbecuing hamburgers
and wearing our bare feet.

But when the summer’s furnace glows
and melts the strongest men,
oh how I wish I were up north
and freezing cold again!


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