new year’s eve

 It has gotten hard already to write a poem each day, at least a poem that is worth reading. I may need to start doing revisions as my daily poem, which I think counts. There are just some that need to be changed already. I’m not happy with this one as is, but it’s a jumping off point. Comments are always welcome!

“New Year’s Eve”

The last breath of December exhaled
us into the streets,
but the unfamiliar cold drove us back
into the restaurant.
We ate pad thai and drank
expensive red wine, more
for the indulgence
than the taste.

Our shadows cloudy
white and clustered about our
mouths, we wandered the city;
strangers spilling into our
path, laughing at their private jokes.
Hands clutched we found our
own laughter.

In the hotel room, our
pajamas empty and waiting,
we watched the ball drop and
grinned foolishly. With faces
pressed close we made our plans;
the secret is only love.


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