short and sweet

I’ve been on a haiku hiatus for a few weeks, we’ve just found out where I will be doing my residency and so have been struggling with trying to find housing eight hundred miles away. The ODB prompt this week is “short and sweet”, one-line haiku. I should have spent more time writing, I feel better already after these three lines!

the cherry blossom petals puddle like pink rain


a flurry of wisteria shouting in the morning


shy winter sunlight on a spring day


Thanks to the ladies at One Deep Breath for a challenging prompt this week!



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5 responses to “short and sweet

  1. Here, it’s almond tree petals, but it’s the same kind of puddle–fragrant and promising spring.

  2. I always feel better after writing πŸ™‚ I know that shy sun: hoping it won’t be long before it gets braver.

  3. The cherry blossom line haiku is gorgeous….

  4. These are marvelous! “pink rain” yes! My flowering pear made it look like a snow flurry πŸ˜‰

  5. aquamarine

    I love the “wisteria shouting”. Beautiful!

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