Profile of a pumpkin

Is it the curve of his chubby cheek? Or the little snub nose? Or the tuft of hair sticking up from the crown of his head? I love just about everything about this picture!


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7 responses to “Profile of a pumpkin

  1. Oooh–beautiful. I love that light.

  2. Jen

    Great shot! I love the highlights and the innocent expression on his face. Lovely!

  3. I’m a huge fan of silhouette shots, and this is just lovely. Love the hair tuft…so cute!

  4. Ooh…it is definitely the sweet cheeks! The lighting is beautiful, good shot!

  5. Definitely love the tuft! And the warm light coming in. Looks like a fun day.

  6. This shot is simply gorgeous! Lovely lighting and such a sweet capture.

  7. I can’t take the cuteness!!!! How wonderful this is!

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