I feel the Earth move…

The prompt for One Deep Breath this week is Earth/Mud. I’m a wannabe gardener and so tend to pay attention to the soil around me. The earth where I live is not the soft brown soil of my childhood. It is orangy-red and hard-packed. When it rains it makes a thin, tomato-soup colored mud that stains everything!

carolina clay
earth rusting under the sun
bleeding ocher red

I grew up in New Hampshire, where the soil is so rocky that every year many farmers “grew rocks” in their fields, stones that had worked their way up to the surface through the process of freezing. These stones were a natural medium for the miles and miles of stone walls that line the great majority of my home state. As a child I was a dirt-digger, and we had a large backyard for my many excavations and building projects. One St Patrick’s Day, it was so warm the ground was thawed early, and my sisters and some friends and I decided to try to dig to China. We ended up in a mud-pit about waist-deep, large enough to accomodate five girls of varying ages. It is a great testament to my mother that she came out and took pictures of our accomplishment and laughed about how dirty we were.

nothing paints bare feet
like the brush of warm black mud
laughter grows from earth

Visit One Deep Breath for more earthy haiku!


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  1. Love both of these. Very “embodied,” when I read them I felt and saw them. Nice!

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