Spicy Fib!

The prompt at One Deep Breath this week is “Spicy Fib”, referring to the subject (spices) and the format (Fibonacci sequence). Rosemary is my favorite cooking spice and I tend to use it liberally.

(photo credit)

for a remembrance
warm kitchen winter nights with you

There is a house near mine, it’s a beautiful Craftsman-style cottage with a big front porch. The walkway to the porch from the street is lined with lavender bushes and the scent as you walk by in the summer is otherworldly. Lavender is probably my favorite smell in the whole world and since it is used as a cooking spice by some I’m including it here!

(photo credit)

a walkway
lined with lavender
walking through the soft purple air

Check out more spicy fibs here!



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4 responses to “Spicy Fib!

  1. aquamarine

    really beautiful imagery!

  2. jem

    I can really sense the ‘soft purple air’ – very atmospheric. Lovely.

  3. absolutely perfect, both words and photos 🙂

  4. Lovely – I really like both rosemary and lavender. Lavender is also very therepeutic ( I spelt that wrong didin’t I?)

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