Mama Says Om: Song

Sing for me mother
of forests and sunlight and green
moss soft underfoot
of blinding blue waves crowding
against stoic rock

sing for me of apples bright
with juice sharp on my tongue
and wheat spread like a blanket across
your lap

sing of volcanoes pouring lava like
mother’s milk across their chests and
of grey rain moving like your breath
through the trees

sing of the quiet tide of your
heart that washes over us all
if we know to listen
and of your love rising
like warm new bread

sing to me mother
with a voice of thunder and
eyes of embers
cradle me in arms of oak
and let me sleep
silent and complete
in your embrace



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3 responses to “Mama Says Om: Song

  1. Ok…my eyes have filled with tears…this is absolutely beautiful…


  2. That is such a beautiful song of Motherhood….thank you. I just love it.

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