One Deep Breath: Process

This week, the prompt at ODB asks us to talk about our process of writing poems. For me, after I read the prompt for the week I let it sit for a few days. Eventually it germinates into some sort of visual image, and it is then that I start associating words with it. The actual writing of the poems flows fairly quickly, but sometimes I have to really let it stew for a while.

When I was thinking about this week’s prompt, the image of a haiku blossoming from nothingness was so strong, and the comparison to an embryo seemed natural.

poem as embryo
translucent fingers
reaching into the darkness





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8 responses to “One Deep Breath: Process

  1. Paris Parfait

    Wow! That’s quite an analogy in your lovely poem.

  2. They do start out that way, don’t they? Our thoughts and feelings waiting to be put on paper… they are like little embryos waiting to be fed!
    This was just perfect!

  3. Wow! What an image in that ku. In one Tarot deck that comes to mind, the image on The Hanged Man (usually a man hanging upside down) is that of an embryo in the womb. The Hanged Man, too, is about (at least at one level) letting go of the ego and letting the fecund darkness of the other aspects of ourselves/life to be experienced and fruitful. Ooops, I do go on, but see what your ku set me to thinking about. 🙂

  4. G

    Poems are embryos, and embryos are poems… as we all are. Very effective!

  5. What an amazing image for the birth of a haiku. I chose a similar theme, but your approach is so … well .. poetic and amazing. I’m blown away by the “reaching into the darkness” image. Fabulous!


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