One Deep Breath: Reflections


I haven’t posted any haiku for One Deep Breath for a while, other parts of my brain were in use. Hopefully the haiku lobe hasn’t atrophied too much!

The theme this week is “reflections”. I chose a physical reflection but as I “reflect” on this theme over the week I may add more.

After the clouds pass
Puddled pieces of blue sky
Cradled in concrete



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8 responses to “One Deep Breath: Reflections

  1. I love that intense contrast created by the idea of concrete cradling.

  2. The contrast between the flower and concrete. Very striking.

  3. What a great image you haiku gives. Love “puddled pieces of blue sky”.

  4. Paris Parfait

    Great contrasts presented – flower vs. concrete – and lovely photo of water lilies. Looks like the ones at Monet’s garden in Giverny.

  5. I love the image this haiku creates for me- puddles are very reflective!

  6. No atrophy whatsoever. Well done!

  7. Sandy

    I think of a city when I read your haiku. Beauty tucked in between the cracks .

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