One Deep Breath: Haibun

Behind the bleached curtains, the sterile sheets, beyond the harsh fluorescent atmosphere, her body lingered. Her hair was red, and the face in her school picture was pretty. The nurse said her mother had to drive several hours to our hospital, and they weren’t going to break the news until she arrived. I passed a few of her friends in the hallway, they looked serious and self-conscious, still children and out of their element. She was alone in the car, they said, and the road was slippery with rain.

your child is never
old enough to say goodbye
bow your head and wail

bear witness to pain
in these moments of pure grief
compassion is born

Thanks to One Deep Breath.



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9 responses to “One Deep Breath: Haibun

  1. My heart broke at your piece. It is one o fht eoorst things in life; to lose your child.

  2. What a tragic story and beautifully told in a haibun.

  3. Sandy

    Oh my God, so beautifully touching! Wonderful tragic poems.

  4. Paris Parfait

    You’ve told a poignant, heartbreaking story in a beautiful haibun form. Thank you for this powerful reminder of the fragility of life and how we must really live in the momet.

  5. So well done and powerful.

  6. “your child is never old enough/ to say goodbye” was the part that hit me the most. I recall some scary moments with ours, and recognise the truth of this.

  7. Beuatiful and heart wrenching.

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