expanding my horizons

Lately I’m discovering just how many amazing creative people there are out there. I’ve been participating in the Mama Says Om project, which has really been challenging me to think about how to convey ideas through photography. Now I’ve discovered One Deep Breath, a blog which gives a writing prompt for haiku each week. The previous post was my first attempt at writing a haiku for a given prompt. It’s really difficult and I fear I have a long way to go. But wow! It feels so good to stretch those creative muscles! The last eight and half years have really atrophied my poetry-sense. All along I’ve composed poems in my head as I go through the day but they have laid there unwritten, pushed aside by textbooks and sleep deprivation. It is a relief to start expressing myself with photography and words again. I think I needed this.

Looking back on my earlier posts, it’s interesting to see my writing with fresh eyes. I have a long way to go as far as writing style goes. Maybe it’s just shaking the rust off, or maybe I just was never a great writer. Either way, I hope to improve with practice. There are a lot of great writers, both online and in print, that I’ve been soaking myself in lately. I’d love to someday be published, or even to have a regular readership online. To be able to reach people through art as well as medicine, that would truly be a great thing.



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2 responses to “expanding my horizons

  1. hubby hubinster

    wish i had your knack for finding all the cool stuff đŸ™‚


  2. I have always strived to write as I would speak with someone in person. I get that feeling with your writing…. in other words, I like it!

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