day one

Today was my first day back at the hospital on a “real” rotation. I spent the last month on dermatology, which was interesting and at the same time not very strenuous. There were a lot of half days, which was wonderful. It was a nice way to ease myself back into the pace of medicine. Now I’ve started my acting internship in medicine and the vacation is over! I know this is going to be a challenging month in terms of time commitment BUT it is really nice to be doing real medicine. I only picked up one patient today but it was so satisfying to have someone to take care of. And what’s even better, I am the go-to person for my patient instead of being the one assigned all the scut work without the responsibility (aka a third year medical student). It’s a nice feeling to be able to give consults my pager number, and to be considered a resident with the respect that comes with that. I think this month is really going to whet my appetite for internal medicine.

I started really looking at some residency program information today, and I was surprised to see how programs line up and which characteristics are really important to me. I would love to find a program with reasonable work hours, good benefits, and a good reputation. I have always said that it wasn’t important to me to go to a “big name”, but I have to admit that on some level it would be really satisfying to get into Yale. I’ve gone to excellent schools and I am very proud of my education, but there is something about that Ivy League name that is attractive. Maybe it’s my ego coming out a little bit, but it’s been dormant for a while so I guess it is time to accept it.


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